Content management systems like WordPress are great tools for managing the web presence of a business, but they also incur a performance penalty by requiring the server to process content before delivering it to the client’s browser. With the improved rates of data transmission available through ISP’s this “server processing time” penalty has taken the largest performance toll on many businesses who host their websites on shared platforms with large hosting providers. The amount of processor bandwidth and RAM that is available to their website at any given time is insufficient to deliver their website quick enough to avoid being penalized by search engines. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is as true in the hosting industry as anywhere else.

Norsk Development has taken a unique strategy to solving this problem for our customers. We employ our own Dell servers, with Solid State Hard Disks (SSD’s), Intel’s top of the line Xeon processors, and high speed memory to outmatch the performance of budget hosting providers. We also employ smarter security like off board packet inspection and host environment intrusion detection and malware prevention to reduce workload on the actual web servers. Finally, we employ advanced server-level caching strategies that perform better than CMS-level caching that has become commonplace elsewhere. Stated simply, we offer the ability to have a content rich, CMS-driven website that is delivered to your clients lightning fast.