April 2, 2016

About Jeff


Jeff Hill – Founder, Norsk Development LLC

I founded Norsk Development LLC in 2006 in the thick of the tough economic downturn that our country was experiencing as a result of the housing market bubble collapse. It was a chaotic time as I watched my friends and family, most of whom are small business owners, struggling to survive. Companies in previously impervious markets were going out of business at an alarming pace and I noticed that many business owners had yet to realize the shift in the general population away from paper-based information sources like the Yellow Pages or local newspaper. Their potential customers were starting to use their phones and computers to search for local services, but my friends had no web presence and weren’t positioned to leverage the new marketing revolution that was about to take place. At the time, I was completing my Computer Science degree at the University of Minnesota and started developing websites for friends and family. I was expecting a noticeable boost in their businesses, but I was pleasantly surprised at the cumulative positive effects that a well-positioned online presence could provide. The first two businesses that I provided websites for, Skilled Woodworking LLC and Sportsmen’s Barbers, saw quick improvements in customer interest and have continued to grow to the present day. I found a great deal of inherent satisfaction in seeing how my efforts could help business owners go from barely keeping their head above water to thriving in a relatively short amount of time.


Professional History

I worked as an electronics technician and IT professional for eight years before completing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology in 2006. My interest in computer science began when I started teaching myself programming in 2002 through online tutorials in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and building advanced databases to manage information in my electronics/IT career. As my IT career took me overseas to Japan, I became interested in internet technology as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back in the USA. I set up my first server and developed my first website in 2003, a PHP based blog (before there was such a thing) that detailed my family’s adventures in the land of the rising sun. That website was taken offline long ago when I returned to the United States, but my interest in the power of the web has continued to grow since. Since I started Norsk Development LLC during my senior year at the University of Minnesota in 2006, I’ve focused on positioning my business as a one-stop-shop that can provide small businesses with the ability to save money and simplify web marketing by getting rid of the need to hire out services like graphic design and photography. I also have invested in dedicated server upgrades that allow my company to provide customers with a level of performance that you won’t find elsewhere for the same value. It is my aim to ensure the success and satisfaction of every customer that employs our services. I hope you will decide to take advantage of our unique capabilities.