March 30, 2016

Company Overview

Norsk Development LLC of Jacksonville, Florida has been developing websites for small businesses since 2006. Over the years, we’ve seen many changes in the ways that businesses approach their online presence strategy. In the early days of the web, many small business owners didn’t understand the need for a website. Nowadays, nearly all business owners recognize that a professional website is a must-have for their business.

As web technologies have changed, we’ve adapted to serve the market. Content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and others have greatly simplified the process of getting a website online. This has empowered many small business owners to take a do-it-yourself approach to web marketing. This can be a great cost-saver, but can also become cumbersome and restrictive for those who aren’t familiar with writing code and managing hosting.

Many business owners find that their time is better spent improving their business’ position in its primary market while letting us take care of managing their online presence.

We can design, rapidly deploy, and manage your website(s) using a content management system like WordPress, or we can build you a completely custom solution from the ground up as we did in the days before content management systems existed. We are proficient in all the aspects of web technology deployment from server management to advanced coding. We will build your site to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and optimized.